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At C & A Wealth Management, we understand that attracting and retaining top-level executives is crucial for the success and growth of your organization. Our executive benefit planning services are designed to help you create comprehensive compensation packages that go beyond traditional salaries and bonuses. We offer a range of strategies to provide key executives with valuable benefits and financial security, ensuring their loyalty and commitment to your business.

Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation plans allow executives to defer a portion of their income to be received at a later date, typically during retirement. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design deferred compensation programs that align with the goals and objectives of your executives. We will ensure these plans are structured to provide tax advantages and meet regulatory requirements. By offering deferred compensation, you can enhance your executive’s long-term financial well-being and incentivize them to contribute to the growth and success of your organization.

deferred compensation

Split Dollar/Bonus Arrangements

Split-dollar and bonus arrangements are effective tools for providing key executives with additional compensation and benefits. We can assist you in structuring split-dollar arrangements that involve sharing the costs and benefits of life insurance policies between the executive and the company. Additionally, bonus arrangements can be designed to reward executives based on their performance and the success of the organization. These arrangements help align the interests of executives with the overall goals of the business, fostering a sense of partnership and commitment.

Selective Executive Retirement Plans

Selective executive retirement plans are customized retirement savings vehicles designed specifically for key executives. Our experts will collaborate with you to develop retirement plans that offer enhanced benefits, tax advantages, and flexibility to meet the unique needs of your executives. These plans can include features such as higher contribution limits, catch-up provisions, and a range of investment options. By offering selective executive retirement plans, you provide executives with a valuable tool to secure their financial future and ensure a smooth transition into retirement.


Supplemental Executive Disability Income

Supplemental executive disability income plans provide additional income protection for key executives in the event of a disability. Our team will work closely with you to design disability income plans that complement existing coverage and provide executives with a higher level of income replacement. By offering supplemental executive disability income, you demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your executives, ensuring they can maintain their lifestyle and meet their financial obligations in the face of disability.

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance

Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) is a powerful strategy that allows businesses to provide key executives with life insurance coverage while also benefiting the company. Our experts will guide you in implementing COLI programs that protect the financial interests of the company and provide key executives with valuable life insurance coverage. This approach can help offset the costs associated with executive benefits, enhance the company’s financial position, and provide valuable protection for the executive’s beneficiaries.
At C & A Wealth Management, we are committed to helping businesses develop comprehensive executive benefit plans that attract and retain top talent while providing financial security for key executives. Contact us today to explore our executive benefit planning services and strengthen your business with exceptional leadership and valuable benefits.


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